The Story Of My Sober Support

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In October 2021 My Sober Support was taken over by me - JS. I am someone who knows how important managing alcohol is and understands the devastating effects it can have. I have been alcohol free myself for around 14 years now and absolutely love the sober life.

Taking over the website was a no-brainer - my sole aim is to support anyone who feels a need to take back control over alcohol ... be that just taking a break from it, reducing intake or giving it up completely and for good. If I can help just one person then I've made a difference to several lives.

Since taking over the site I have found a way to provide low cost access to a complete suite of products which I hope you find helpful. This includes the amazing "advent type" calendar created by Jo along with a mega pack of aditional resources and audio downloads recorded specifically for by our in-house Practitioner Mike who is an Accredited Teacher of Mindfulness. Accredited & Registered Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Registered Hypnotherapy Supervisor.

The concept, the site and the unique and renown sober support calendar repains the brainchild of Joanna and Keiran - their story (below) will stay on the site in recognition of the work they put into it.

Hello, we are Kieran and Joanna, the founders of My Sober Support and the creators of The Sober Wellbeing Calendar. We have shared our own Sober Journeys below in the hope that anyone reading this page will see if we can quit drinking, so can you.

Joanna's Story...

Throughout my younger years, my relationship with booze wasn’t any different to anyone else I knew.  At that time in my mid 20’s I never drank in the week and to be honest didn’t really like the taste of wine, that’s why I drank vodka and coke!

Then I had a child, and a few years into being a mum, working full time, I started to turn to drink more at the weekends, then that slipped into mid-week drinks as well.

The turning point in my relationship with alcohol came when I had a back problem, and I found the only thing that gave me pain relief at that time was booze, a few glasses of wine a night was the only thing that numbed the pain, and that is when, I realise my dependence on it grew.

From there I started to experience more and more anxiety (I know this sounds stupid but at the time I didn’t realise alcohol creates anxiety - since quitting I don’t have anxiety anymore) and also low self-esteem which was also thanks to the drink, and by this point I was definitely what would be classed as a heavy drinker.

Trapped & Alone

I felt completely trapped into the situation, I didn’t share how I felt with anyone else because I was embarrassed, everyone else seemed to have their drinking under control.  I now realise that this is so not the case, drink is addictive and that’s a fact- I also didn’t realise the impact that drink can have on how your brain works, and that the anxiety, stress, low mood, and constant tiredness I was suffering from, would disappear if I just put the cork back in the bottle.

I reached rock bottom when I travelled to a beautiful Greek island on holiday and sat on the beach feeling so low, I was miserable, when I should have been feeling euphoric at being in this amazing place. On the outside I still seemed my outgoing bubbly self, but on the inside I felt utter emptiness and I knew then something had to change.

I had tried many many many times before to moderate my drinking, every time failing miserably, so this time I thought - what do I have to lose by just stopping drinking? I reckoned I couldn’t feel any worse than I already did ... however I was also quite terrified at the prospect of not having drink to turn to.

The control it had over me was quite shocking, but as I started to take my sober journey I realised that this is how the addictive part of booze makes you feel, you think you can’t stop, that you need it, that you can’t have fun without it, you can’t relax without it.  I have discovered this is all a lie - I was hoodwinked by alcohol for so long, thinking it was helping me - but I am now awake to all of its dangers, and successfully free of its claws, motivated daily to share with others what I have learnt, and how truly wonderful life can be when you live an alcohol free life.

Kieran's Story...

My story is quite like Joanna’s in that my drinking just increased very,  very gradually over the years without really being aware of it.  I worked in some large corporate companies and the last role I did before I began working for myself, required me to do a lot of entertaining of customers night after night. Not to drink with them would have just been unacceptable in that business culture, and having to drink like that, had a really negative impact on me.

When Joanna said she wanted to quit drinking, it was so easy to say “I will do it too” because I had wanted to make that change too, and it just seemed the right time, and I felt doing it together we could be each other’s support and help each other through the challenges we might face.

How The Sober Wellbeing Calendar came about...

Wow what a journey we started, without even realising it. It was so much harder to stop drinking alcohol than we had thought it would be. We experienced, shared, and overcame many hurdles along the way, and the rewards were better than we could have ever imagined they could be, so much began to change in just 30 days.

When we started our Sober Journey, like many, we counted each new day we achieved. We put together a plan for our first 30 days, to inspire, motivate and strengthen us, it worked really really well, and kept us focused on our end goal.

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The Concept...

Over several years of reading and researching the subject of alcohol and the drinking habit, we discovered some amazing invaluable resources for sober support and inspiration. We learnt so much.

Then we began imagining what it would be like if we could somehow incorporate the guidance from our experiences, and what we had learnt along the way, with all the best and most useful information we had valued, from the experts we had found, within the field of health, wellbeing and sober support since being alcohol free.

Our aim was to create an easy to use, positive, motivational, informative resource tool available for anyone to use as a plan of action and support when having some time out from drinking, whether that was just for a month’s trial or for good.

Success Stories

The Cherry Blossom Tree Theme....

I (Joanna) have always been creative and have spent the last 15 years running my own business painting murals across the UK so I understand the value of visual communication.

I chose to hand paint a cherry blossom tree as the artwork for The Sober Calendar because it is a timeless metaphor for human existence and it holds historical meaning of renewal and rebirth. Since we both stopped drinking, we feel like we have begun a new part of our life, so the cherry blossom tree seemed the perfect choice of artwork for the 30 day calendar.

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Life Changing Benefits...

We experienced the most positive and quite life changing benefits once we stopped drinking, even after the first week the changes were noticeable.

After a month the improvements to our life, health and relationships were so incredible that we are now committed to continuing our journey as non-drinkers and to helping others rebalance their relationship with alcohol.

Joanna suffered with a lot of anxiety, and now that is a thing of the past since quitting drinking. We can think more clearly, have more energy and we are both a lot calmer and happier as well.

Our personal experiences of overcoming alcohol dependency and leading a new sober life enabled us to observe first-hand the kind of tools that genuinely worked. We both developed an understanding of why our drinking habits had emerged and why we found it so hard in the past, to change.

We have combined and adapted our personal experiences, plus several years worth of research, knowledge and learning, and have now created our own unique approach to taking a break from drinking.  We are passionate about sharing our easy-to-use 30 day Sober Wellbeing Wall Calendar and Resource Pack, and Workshops, to help other people overcome the fear of not drinking alcohol, and discover the delights of being sober.

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