The Sober Wellbeing Calendar - Press Release

Press release – for immediate publication

Company – My Sober Support

Date 19.11.2020

THE SOBER WELLBEING CALENDAR – Blazing a Trail in the Sober Revolution

The Sober Wellbeing Calendar is an "advent" style Calendar and Resource Pack, providing personal, practical, motivational help and support to anyone wanting to take time out from drinking for 30 days or more, at any time of the year. It contains a wealth of daily guidance, advice, and expert health and wellbeing resources.

  • Hidden behind each door of the Calendar, every day, are simple step by step instructions on what to do, and how to look after yourself physically and mentally for the first 30 days of not drinking. There are over 100 different elements of support and relevant resources included.


  • The Calendar promotes self-care, self-compassion and wellbeing. The daily practices help individuals to build positive new habits without alcohol, shown to boost mental wellbeing, increase happiness, and strengthen resilience.


  • The Calendar also includes science-backed practices to help change mindsets and drinking habits.


  • Each Calendar is also accompanied by a specially designed, Cognitive Mindful Colouring Exercise that incorporates behavioural science, to help create positive change on a deeper level.


  • With the Calendar also comes “Top 10 Strategies for Dealing with Cravings” Resource, and a free Calming Breathing Audio Download.


  • The Calendar and Resource Pack is aimed primarily to help women, because in recent years the number of women suffering from alcohol problems has increased at a far sharper rate than men, plus women who drink, have a higher risk of certain alcohol-related problems compared to men.


  • This inspirational toolbox of support is also backed up with ongoing support via the My Sober Support website, which also offers Sober Coaching, Workshops and Sober Meditation Audio Downloads.


Joanna Perry, founder and creator of The Sober Wellbeing Calendar, said: ‘We have seen the positive benefits and transformational change that The Sober Wellbeing Calendar has already had on individuals and we are passionate about sharing our Calendar with anyone that wants help with drink dependency in these unprecedented times.’

Kieran Perry, co-founder, said: ‘We are on a mission to create happier, healthier future generations by promoting a positive way to take a break from drinking, and encourage people to make positive long term changes to their drinking habits.’

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Notes for Editors

  • The company was founded in 2019 by husband and wife team Joanna & Kieran Perry, after they quit drinking and mastered a new happier healthier way of living without booze, they now want to share their powerful guide to help others overcome the many hurdles that can be experienced when stopping drinking for 30 days or more.




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