The Sober Wellbeing Calendar & Support Resource Pack

Start a happier, healthier new journey..

Reset new habits and take time to learn about yourself and enjoy the process of positive self-development and discovery..

We have included a wealth of expert resources and top tips for every day of the Calendar, each one featured is focused on a different area of health, well being and self-care in relation to being sober, healthier, happier and more productive.

Add to that a mega pack of 6 unique audio downloads recorded by Mike, our in-house practicioner and you've got yourself a formidable set of resources that represents incredible value for money.

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All Audio Downloads Now Included In The Single Price

£24.99 doesn't just get you the unique calendar and set of resources delivered to your door for free ... the NEW Sober Wellbeing Calendar Mega Pack now also contains an impressive suite of 6 audio downloads too!


Each one devised, created and recorded by in-house practicioner Mike who is an Accredited Teacher of Mindfulness, Accredited & Registered Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Registered Hypnotherapy Supervisor.

The following are all included within the new "Mega Pack" but can still be purchased seperately if you prefer:


  1. Alcohol Aversion Hypnotherapy - Help to quit alcohol completely. 20 Minute Audio Download.
  2. Mind Wide Open - The Learning State Meditation: 6 Minute Audio Download
  3. Break the Drinking Habit Motivational Meditation - 20 Minute Audio Download
  4. Self Healing Guided Breathing Meditation - 14 Minute Audio Download
  5. Compassionate Acceptance Meditation - 9 Minute Audio Download
  6. Stop: Our 1 Minute Breathing Space Meditation - 5 Minute Audio Download

Take one day at a time..

Taking some time out from drinking booze really can be so much easier than you think, but this is only if you have the right plan, guidance and support.

Our special motivational Calendar has 30 numbered doors, one to open each day plus a Next Step door to open at the end. There are 31 doors in total to open, so it can be used alongside any alcohol related monthly challenge (eg Dry January or Sober October), or indeed at anytime of the year.

The Calendar and Support Resource Pack provides guidance, support and advice each day on what you might be experiencing, specifically based on extensive research as well as our own personal experiences of becoming sober.

Our support doesn’t end when you finish the Calendar - we have also designed and created a range of online bolt-ons that can be used alongside the Calendar and Support Resource Pack for extra support.

Success Stories

Experience the power of mindful visualisation..

We have designed a powerful Cognitive Mindful Colouring Exercise that accompanies the Calendar, as creativity can help you connect with what truly matters in life.

Our Mindful Colouring Exercise guides you on how to focus on your inner goals and desires, while you relax, de-stress and get creative.

The Colouring Exercise will not only be therapeutic to complete, but it will also act as a trigger vision tool to help you connect with your inner goals.

Simple instructions on how to complete this calming Mindful Colouring Exercise are included with the resource.

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Add to all this the impressive suite of audio downloads providing guided support and included within the pack at no additional cost and you have a formidable set of resources at your fingertips and at all times to help you take back control over your alcohol intake.

Whether your intension is to cut down a little, not to drink every day, abstain for a period of time or give up completely and for good we think it will help.

We want to make our help affordable and think you'll agree that this impressive pack represents incredible value for money.

Buy Now £24.95
There is no misery attached to our way of cutting out drinking, only masses of happiness and positivity to be experienced by using our Calendar and Support Resource Pack.

Create positive change..

Are you needing to change your relationship with wine, beer, spirits or any other alcohol, and discover a new way? Are you fed up with constantly feeling tired, not sleeping well, feeling anxious all the time? 

Our Calendar and Support Resource Pack will help you to change all that and much more, within one month you will be shocked at how much better you will feel.

By taking one day at a time, and really enjoying the daily support  and advice behind each door, plus reading the guidance, top tips, and expert resources provided, you will have all the motivation in front of you every morning, to keep you achieving each new sober day.

Buy The Sober Wellbeing Calendar Pack

All those involved in The Sober Wellbeing Calendar and Support Resource Pack would like to point out that...

"We are not paid by any company or person to include any of the resources in the calendar, they have been chosen by us because of the quality and benefit they give."

I used the downloads and motivational calendar for my own private journey to control alcohol for 30 days, and towards the end of the month after I had successfully completed every single day, my friends started to ask what had changed, so I shared my secret with them and told them about the My Sober Support calendar plan and a number of my friends have also now used it to help them become sober too.

Kate Pearson, Chicago