Sober Wellbeing Digital Mega Pack Sober Wellbeing Digital Mega Pack

Sober Wellbeing Digital Mega Pack

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The Sober Wellbeing Digital Mega Pack means that within seconds you can have at your fingertips a powerful suite of tools to help you control and stop drinking for just £14.95

We want to make our resources accessible to all at a value for money price. We just want to help you take back control over alcohol.

It consists of a PDF booklet based on our unique and renowned A3 daily sober support calendar, a PDF mindful exercise and colouring sheet and a PDF leaflet of our top 10 strategies for banishing the booze and instructions for a powerful breathing exercise. In addition it comes with a complete set of 6 professional audio downloads recorded by our in house Practitioner Mike (Accredited Teacher of Mindfulness. Accredited & Registered Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Registered Hypnotherapy Supervisor).

Included with The Sober Wellbeing Digital Mega Pack are:

1: PDF My Sober Support Booklet 

This single digital booklet consists of a PDF based on our unique My Sober Support calendar - a practical, personal 30 day action plan designed to inspire and uplift you whilst it helps you to take a break from drinking alcohol. It provides support and motivation to help you give up alcohol, for a month or longer. 

It also contains a digital copy of our powerful Cognitive "Setting Goals and Desires" Mindful Exercise and Colouring Sheet - a relaxing exercise designed to enable you to visualise and strengthen your inner goals and desires.

Finally it has a PDF version of our resource sheet which details our "Top 10 Strategies For Banishing Booze Cravings" along with instructions for our "Powerful Relaxation Breathing" exercise.

But that's only part of what you will receive. Also included is a complete set of professional audio downloads recorded by our in house Practitioner Mike who uses a combination of both meditation and hypnosis techniques to provide you with invaluable tools to help you quit alcohol for good. This includes:

1: Alcohol Aversion Hypnotherapy - Help to quit alcohol completely. 20 Minute Audio Download.

In this guided audio hypnotherpy meditation download Mike will guide you into a relaxed, focused state and ask you to think about experiences and situations, that can help you change the way you think about your drinking, and see alcohol for what it is. Read More >

2: Mind Wide Open - The Learning State Meditation: 6 Minute Audio Download

This meditation is designed to help us to develop your Mindfulness Meditation practices, and allows you to enter into a natural 'learning state' and can be used as a meditation on it's own, and also as a first stage of achieving a heightened sense of peripheral awareness. Read More > 

3: Break the Drinking Habit Motivational Meditation - 20 Minute  Audio Download

This guided meditation is specifically designed to help you tap into states of deeper relaxation immediately - even during stressful times when you would normally reach for a drink.Read More >

4: Self Healing Guided Breathing Meditation - 14 Minute Audio Download

Our guided breathing meditation involves taking time for yourself, teaching you relax, take calming time and giving you a sense of happiness without the need for alcohol.Read More >

5: Compassionate Acceptance Meditation - 9 Minute Audio Download

Learn how to your experience of pain or difficulty and meet it with tenderness, kindness and compassion to soften and disolve your resistance to giving up alcohol.

6: Stop: Our 1 Minute Breathing Space Meditation - 5 Minute Audio Download

A formal meditation that helps you to become accustomed to setting aside a period of time (i.e. 1 minute) and take up a position of being, rather than doing. Read More >

All of the above will be delivered by email immediately after payment. They will arrive in a zipped file to download to any device,

This set of downloads is for you to keep on your phone, laptop or computer, to read and refer to whenever you want to. Our downloads work on any PC and all Apple IOS and Android devices.

This download file is emailed to you automatically straight after you have checked out and paid.

To receive this download you need to click "add to basket" then checkout.

Original Printed Calendar Mega Pack also available. Click Here

PDF Booklet is writted in English and can be read on any PC or mobile device or printed onto A4 paper. Colouring exercise requires printing.

Audio Downloads: English Language - we recommend you listen multiple times and regularly.

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