Free 5 Minute Mind Wide Open Meditation - Audio Download

Free 5 Minute Mind Wide Open Meditation - Audio Download

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Free 5 Minute Audio Download. Mind Wide Open - Guided Meditation to help relax and calm you.

This meditation is designed to help us to develop your Mindfulness Meditation practices, and allows you to enter into a natural 'learning state' and can be used as a meditation on it's own, and also as a first stage of achieving a heightened sense of peripheral awareness.  

By gently defocusing and allowing yourself to spread your peripheral awareness, both inward and outward, all around you - up, down, left and right, you can find that your general sense of awareness focuses on stillness and calmness while you also begin to let go of intrusive thoughts.   

Listening to this a couple of times a week can make a massive difference to anxiety and improve wellbeing.

Free mediation download for you to keep on your phone, laptop or computer to listen to when ever you want. Approx run time 5 mins. Works on all Apple IOS and Android devices. 

This audio file is emailed to you automatically straight after you have checked out through our shop.

To receive the free download you need to add the free download to the shopping basket ,checkout, then enter your basic details including your email, no payment details will be requested and then check out for free, and the download is emailed to you immediately.

English Language 

We recommend you listen to this download multiple times and regularly.

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