Dealing With Fear - Self Help Mindful Audio Download

Dealing With Fear - Self Help Mindful Audio Download

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Dealing With Fear -  Fully Guided Meditation Audio Download, for you to keep and use when you need.

This guided audio download recording trains your mind and body to face into a fearful event/situation without triggering the fight or flight response and helps to build a sense of 'knowing' more about the fear and thus helps the listener to begin to regain more control in enabling them to deal with and eliminate the fear.

Listening to this meditation and instructions a few times a week can make a massive difference to anxiety and improve well-being.

This mediation download for you to keep on your phone, laptop or computer to listen to when ever you want. Approx run time 8 mins. Works on all Apple IOS and Android devices.



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English Language

We recommend you listen to this download multiple times and regularly.

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