I progressed my way through the sober wellbeing calendar, I took on the advice given each day, and I used the resources provided, and now I’m happy to say I am alcohol free all thanks to My Sober Support.

Paul Stanley, Florida

This printed calendar is a totally unique approach to controlling drinking, it’s totally fresh it’s got great ideas, it’s got masses of resources and loads of personal caring guidance and advice, we couldn’t recommend the calendar more highly to anyone wanting to quit drinking alcohol for a while.

John & Sandra Clough, Loire Valley

The Sober Wellbeing Calendar is so simple and easy to use, it felt like I had someone with me on the whole of my journey of not drinking for 30 days. There was loads and loads of resources I found really useful, I especially found the breathing and alcohol aversion audio download hypnotherapy fantastic.

Claire Rickson, Linconshire

I used the downloads and motivational calendar for my own private journey to control alcohol for 30 days, and towards the end of the month after I had successfully completed every single day, my friends started to ask what had changed, so I shared my secret with them and told them about the My Sober Support calendar plan and a number of my friends have also now used it to help them become sober too.

Kate Pearson, Chicago

Using this calendar is a great way to have a sober support buddy working with you each day, it’s encourages you to be kind to yourself, and provides brilliant ideas and guidance in a gentle and supportive way. I loved opening up each door, each day, and looking at all the doors I'd opened and seeing how far I'd come. I've now reached over 100 days sober.

Sally Davidson, Birmingham

The 30 day sober wellbeing calendar and resource pack literally did the thinking for me, I woke up every morning read the next page in the plan, and I did what it suggested, and here I am now sober - alcohol free and feeling amazing.

Beth Crawley, Norway

It was so therapeutic taking some relax time to colour the blossom tree in, and it really helped me think about what I wanted for myself, my health and my future. I felt really proud once I'd completed the calendar and I treasure the artwork I created, it continues to inspire me each day.

Jessie Philips, Lancashire