I didn’t know where to start when I began thinking about quitting alcohol I had no idea how to start, where to go to to get information on breaking the habit but after a bit of searching online and reading the reviews, I decided to give the my sober support calendar a go, it has been life changing, it’s made me re-evaluate myself, practice self-care and freed me from my drinking habit I hated.

Richard Edwards, Chelsea

Because Jo and Kieran have written this calendar based on their own personal experiences of going sober and the extensive research they’ve done into sober support you really do feel as though they are with you on the journey, the advice and guidance is genuine, thoughtful and inspiring. Thank you x

Betty McDonald, Daventry

I have been sober for quite some time but I needed a bit of re-focusing and re-motivating and the fun and supportive calendar and exercises gave it to me in bucket loads, it really is an amazing resource and great fun to use each day I even closed all the doors back up, and reopened them for a second month in a row because there’s so much information and advice to use that it kept me going for quite some time.

Andrew Parker, Isle Of Man

I was quite terrified of what life would be like without having a drink in my hand at all the different events and social engagements, I really didn’t know how I would cope without it but the My sober support calendar gave me the strength and support I needed to smash through the habit and free myself from alcohol dependency because it showed me that life without alcohol is actually 1 million times better, and I feel so good for doing it. Recommended.

Anna Hammonds, Yorkshire

I had become so miserable drinking, I felt dreadful every morning when I woke up and I truly was desperate to get out of the rut of drinking, I searched and searched online I didn’t want to take on a challenge so to speak, I just wanted something to help me to break the habit and that is what the Sober Wellbeing Calendar did for me, it’s been a fantastic revelation it’s help me rediscover my true self. Go Sober Today.

Paula Philips, Bournmouth

The cost of the digital downloadable booklet version is really nothing in comparison to how much it saved me in the first month of not drinking, I’ve probably saved over £200 so it really was a fantastic investment not only financially but also in my health as well, I feel like a completely different person.

Gemma Turner, Slough

I felt in a complete fog when I first gave up alcohol and I was running out of energy and motivation but then I searched online and found My Sober Support and their Sober Wellbeing Calendar idea and that was a major breakthrough, I needed something to keep me going each day and taking it one day at a time, reading the advice, and receiving the guidance, amazing top tips and motivation was the key to me stopping drinking, for a month to start with and now I feel in control for good.

Kerry Spencer, Brussels

The calendar is just what I needed, I was in a rut of drinking too much. It’s a boost first thing in the morning and helps you refocus exactly what you’re doing and why, it’s like having your best friend by your side giving you that motivational support each day. Thanks

Helen Wilson, Suffolk

I have tried to stop drinking now for a couple of years and never managed to keep it up by myself so I knew I needed something a bit different to help support me and give me a bit more strength, then I found My Sober Support and their fantastic calendar,  it really has been the most amazing gift I gave myself.

Nora Wallace, Liverpool

My wife and I used the 30 day sober wellbeing calendar as a tool to help us quit our habit of drinking beer and wine and it really was brilliant. It gave us loads of ideas on different techniques to help us change our mindset and we are still alcohol free 90 days later.

Bill Pritchard, Allsop