1 Day Freedom From Alcohol - Mindful Workshop Structure and Outcomes of The Day

The Freedom from Alcohol Workshop has been designed to provide you with a range of techniques, strategies and processes that you will learn and practice through experiential exercises, individual and group practice and reflection.

These will equip you with the tools, skills and strength to be free from alcohol.

Our aim is to help you to create your own ‘roadmap’ to a new sober future and enable you to lay the foundations for a healthier, happier and more resourceful you – the very best version of you, without the need for alcohol.

Your journey will start with the workshop and we will also provide you with a Self-Care Resource Pack to take away with you that will support you as you continue further into your new future of sobriety.

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What you will gain from attending the workshop:

A structured, facilitated & supportive workshop

The creator and originator of My Sober Support.

Professional, qualified and registered Mindfulness Teacher & Practitioner. Trained at the UK College of Mindfulness Meditation (UKCMM)

Professional, qualified and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Professional, qualified and registered Advanced Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT - Tapping).

Facilitated learning, exercises & reflection.

Frequent, regular opportunities to feedback, comment and question.

Full review & feedback of the workshop with next steps.

Comfortable, physical environment with lunch & refreshments provided and with regular breaks.

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Become a Stronger Person

Mindfulness Meditation and Mindfulness Practices:

Build your mental, emotional and spiritual strength.

Develop and enhance your self-awareness and understanding of your emotions, thoughts and relationships with your inner world and the external world around you, and in relation to alcohol.

Strengthen your resilience to internal and external influences around alcohol.

Grow your commitment and resolve to make the positive changes you want in your life, and in relation to your drinking, thus enrich the lives of those around you as well as your own.

Have more focus and understanding of your physical and mental health needs to support your future self-care:

Teach you easy and practical ways to require alcohol less, de-stress and replace it with peace & calm.

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Identify & Understand Your Values and Motivators/De-motivators

Self-Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT - Tapping)

Understanding your Values and Motivators.

New ways of thinking.

Motivation to reach inner goals – Exploring your ‘Why’ & ‘Why Not’.

Breathing & Relaxation techniques.

An Action Plan for your new Roadmap to Your New Sober Future

Your Well-Formed Outcomes and the key milestones on your journey to breaking your alcohol habit.

Practical methods and techniques to cope with alcohol cravings and lapses.

Practices/strategies to help you cope with being a non-drinker in social occasions/situations.

Mindset and confidence building techniques.

At the end of our workshop day we also provide each attendee with their own FREE Self-care resource pack, containing a range of health and well-being exercises, strategies and resources for ongoing motivational support worth £49.99.

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The Workshop Day Itself…..

The workshop day runs from 10am – 5pm with 1 hour for lunch.

The workshop is located in Cheshire.

A hearty healthy tasty buffet lunch is provided, all dietary requirements can be catered for.

Joanna, the founder of My Sober Support will host the day with an introduction motivational speech from her about her Sober Journey.

Mike Holland, My Sober Supports In House Practitioner and expert mindfulness teacher will teach the modules throughout the day.

End Of workshop – is a brilliant time to get to know other attendees and share the positive pluses of life without alcohol dependency.

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