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My Sober Support

We are Jo and Kieran, the founders of My Sober Support and the creators of The Sober Wellbeing Calendar - a unique support and resource tool, to help you regain control of your drinking habit, by rebalancing your relationship with alcohol.

Imagine an advent calendar but instead of chocolates, behind each door is an abundance of guidance, support, motivation, inspiration and top tips. Health, wellbeing and sober support resources are all in one place to help you take some positive time off from drinking.

Our sober wellbeing calendar is a practical, personal 30 day action plan, designed to inspire and uplift you whilst giving you support. If you need help quitting alcohol, for a month or longer, this is the motivational resource tool to use.

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Plus …. There is also further ongoing support provided via our unique hypnotherapy and meditation audio downloads as well as our Freedom From Alcohol Mindful workshops, all created to further strengthen your tool kit of support, whenever you need it.

Please see our main page for help and our story of how we controlled and stopped our drinking habit successfully.