Freedom From Alcohol - Corporate Mindful Online Workshop

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The mindful approach..

Encourage your staff to learn a mindful approach to drinking, by providing them with access to our Freedom From Alcohol - Online Mindful Workshop. It is a fresh new way of improving mental health and wellbeing.

The Workshop has been designed to provide your team with a range of techniques, strategies and processes that they will learn and practice through experiential exercises, individual practice and reflection.

These will equip your employees with a range of tools, skills and strength to change unwanted habits and help move away from any dependency on alcohol.

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The Workshop can be designed to incorporate your own company health and well-being messages as well, and can be tailored to a half day, full day or two day course.

Our aim is to help your staff to lay the foundations to become healthier, happier and more resourceful people – the very best versions of themselves, without any need for alcohol.

The journey will start with the Workshop and we will also provide each attendee with a Self-Care Resource Pack containing a range of health and well-being exercises, strategies and resources for ongoing motivational support, to take away with them.

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Your employees will learn how to:

Understand what mindfulness really is and how its true nature can help reduce stress quickly and easily.

Build mental and emotional strength. Strengthen resilience to internal and external influences.

Develop self-awareness, and understanding of emotions. Build relationships with their inner world and the external world around them, and in relation to alcohol.

Grow their commitment to make the positive changes they want to make, in relation to their health and unwanted habits, thus enriching their lives. 

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How to change their mind from ‘managing their stress’ to ‘reducing their stress'. It’s a really big difference and can transform lives.

Have more understanding of their physical and mental health needs to support their future self-care.

Easy and practical ways to de-stress without alcohol to create peace & calm.

 Anchor themselves to the present to let go of stress in ANY situation.

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Your employees will come away with:

  • A new action plan to a healthier future, with new ways of thinking
  • Practical methods to change unhealthy habits.
  • Strategies to help them cope with stress in different situations.
  • Confidence building methods and techniques.
  • Understanding their Values and Motivators.
  • New ways of thinking.
  • How to use the Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Motivation to reach inner goals
  • Powerful breathing & relaxation methods.

The workshop will provide:

A structured, supportive online workshop. Facilitated learning, exercises & reflection.

A professional, qualified and registered Mindfulness Teacher & Practitioner, trained at The UK College of Mindfulness Meditation (UKCMM)

A professional, qualified and registered Advanced Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT - Tapping).

Frequent, regular opportunities for feedback, comment and question. Full review & feedback of the workshop with next steps.

Self-care Resource Pack for ongoing health and wellbeing support.

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