My Sober Supprt - Tips To Help You Beat The Booze

My Sober Supprt - Tips To Help You Beat The Booze


The new year marks the start of "Dry January" - the traditional time that many of us aim to go sober for a month. But a decision to cut down on the booze or ditch the drink entirely can be made at any time of the year - it should never be restricted to the calendar.

That's whay we've put together a list of handy tips to help you beat the booze, rebalance your relationship with alcohol and take back control at any time of the year.

Take Accountability

There's only one person who can recognise an alcohol problem or concern and there's only one person who can choose to do something about it. Take a look in the mirror ... you're looking at that person. You can't lie to yourself, you can't deceive yourself - YOU know the truth. And, if the truth is that you know you're drinking too much or you know you're drinking too often then only YOU can decide to do something about it.

All too often we try and deceive ourselves with justifications and excuses but, whilst these may work in the eyes of those around us they won't wash with the inner you. So take accountability and admit your concerns to yourself.

Think About Why You Want To Give Up

Everyone is different so think about why you want to give up alcohol. Is it physical health, mental health, bad routine, social embarrasment, relationships, weight, money, sleep ... just a few of the many, many reasons for giving up.

Be honest with yourself and write down all the reasons why you want to give up to make it real.

Set Yourself A Goal

You've accepted responsibility, you've made the decision and you know why you want you want to give up alcohol. It's now time to set yourself a goal. Keep it real, keep it achievable and make it yours. 

Your goal may be to give up completely for good, cut down, take days off etc So write down exactly what your goals are and be as specific as you can be. 

Remind Yourself Each Day

You've written your goals down so now make sure you stay focussed on them. Keep them somewhere where you can remind yourself of them every day and throughout the day. Read them in the morning, during the day, and at night. Keep yourself focussed on why you're giving up and you goals.

Share Your Aims

When we say "share your aims" we're not necessarily siggesting that you have to admit that you have an alcohol problem unless you're comfortable doing this. You've already admitted this to the most important person ... YOU. 

We are suggesting that you share your goals with others who can support you. This could be work colleagues who recognise that you won't be drinking on the Friday evening end of the week get together. It could be your partner who can support by not buying that bottle of wine to share.

Share with anyone you think can help you or needs to understand that you're going to be doing things a little differently from now on.

Adapt Your Routine To Avoid Temptation

It's the perfect opportunity to change your routine to support your goals. If one of your reasons for giving up is heath then switch an evening out for a long walk, start jogging again, visit the gym or take up a new sport. 

Get yourself a blender or smooty maker and switch your evening glass of wine to some form of health fruit based cocktail.

Switch to alcohol free or unlicensed venues which, perhaps surprisngly, are on the increase. There's even major London clubs that don't serve alcohol these days. Check out your local area.

Change your Friday night bender to a really nice meal out, a trip to the cinema, a visit to the theatre or even a concert - somewhere you don't particularly associate with drinking.

Plan Your Alternatives

If you're going out you need to have a plan of what you're going to drink and if you're stayig in what are you going to replace your evening tipple with.

Are you going the ultra healthy water and fruit based alternatives. Are you going to go the simple soft carbonated drinks route. Or are you considering the alcohol free alternatives which are now considerable in numbers and really tasty too!

If there's a bar or restaurant you regularly use then find out what alcohol free alternatives they serve or look at their "Mocktails" menu and be prepared to know what you're going to ask for.

If you're replacing drinking at home then check out the shelves in your local supermarket and stock up with your non-alcoholic alternatives to make sure you're fully stocked at all times!

Practise Saying No - Excuses At The Ready

People will always try to get you to drink. I don't know why we have this culture but we still do. Oh, come on, one won't hurt! Have a gin and let your hair down. You don't want that surely ... have a beer instead! Just a few of the comments you're going to get so be ready with your answers. No thanks, I'm driving later. Not for me thanks - I'm on a health challenge. 

Give it some thought and get your responses at the ready - or better still tell them in advance that you won't be drinking.

Incentivise Yourself 

You're doing this for you so it's right that you incentivise yurself and reward yourself. Let's face it, you're going to be saving quite a bit of money so use your savings and plan to buy yourself something really nice on completion of your challenge. This could be a new outfit at the end of the week, a special day out at the end of the month or a mega holiday after 6 months (yes - you're likely to be saving that much!).

Monitor Progress - Day At A Time Keep A Diary

Keep a diary - make a note of how you're doing against your goals, how much you;re saving, how you're feeling, what you're thinking.

Writing the words down each day can really help you stay focussed and determined. Keeping a journal in this way will really help so we urge you to give it a go.

Be Prepared For Slip-Ups

Alcohols is a drug and temptation is everywhere. So, if you slip up, don't beat yourself up. Just take accountability, be honest with yourself, re-read your reasons for giving up and your goals and go again. Take it one day at a time.

Beat The Booze - Start Today

Don't wory about starting on 1st January or staring on Monday ... if you're going to beat the booze and serious about giving up then start today. What's the point in delaying it - it's not going to make it any easier.

We hope that these tips may help at least a little. May we also introduce you to our unique sober support wellbeing calendar and resource pack to help you stay motivated, focussed and determined in your fight to rebalance your relationship with alcohol. Click Here For More Information >.

Good Luck!