How We Can Help You Give Up Drinking

How We Can Help You Give Up Drinking


You've found yourself on our humble website beacuse you want to give drinking and are looking for a little support and help.

We fully understand what you're going through and how lonely a journey it can sometimes feel because all of us involved at have been in your shoes.

We may not be qualified experts but we are experienced drinkers turned non-drinkers so we understand your feelings and emotions.

To give up drinking can be a tough fight. Alcohol is a powerful drug and one that you've come to rely on to a certain degree and it's going to go down fighting! Read more about What Happens When You Give Up Alcohol. Although it's a fairly open topic these days and there's plenty of help out there, there's still a perceived stigma to the point when anyone suffereing from alcohol addiction, to any degree, will very often find it difficult to talk about it and hence prefer to face their battles alone. We understand this and that's where we come in.

We've no miracle cure, no magic pill, we can't fight the battle for you and we're not going to pretend it's going to be easy but we've put together a resource pack to help you keep motivated and stay on course to become sober. What you will receive:

  • The unique A3 sized Sober Support 30 day calendar provides the daily focus to keep you motivated towards your goal of giving up drinking. Behind each door you'll find a wealth of health & wellbeing motivation, advice and support to keep you focused.
  • A handy A4 sized tip sheet which contains details of teh top 10 strategies to help you give up drinking and a simple breathing exercise that really helps.
  • An A4 mindfulness exercise and colouring sheet for you to try.
  • Plus a complete suite of 6 hypnotherapy and meditation audio downloads which are yours to keep and use whenever you choose.

You can find more details about the My Sober Support Mega Pack here >

Everything within the pack is unique to The calendar was designed by us and the "give up drinking" audio downloads put together and recorded by our own in-house practicioner Mike who is an Accredited Teacher of Mindfulness. Accredited & Registered Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Registered Hypnotherapy Supervisor.

Our mission is to help you give up drinking and help you take back control over alcohol. We're not here to judge, to pressure, to dictate ... just to give you a tool box of resources so you don't feel alone and to give you the best chance of achieving your goal.

Good luck with your mission to give up drinking ... you can do it!