Top Sober Support Resource Tool For Corporate Workplace Wellbeing

Top Sober Support Resource Tool For Corporate Workplace Wellbeing


Give your staff the opportunity to take some guided time out from drinking…

COVID-19 has affected everyone but it has massively impacted people with drink dependency. Research by Alcohol Change UK found that almost one in three drinkers (29%) have been drinking at increasing or high-risk levels over the past six months. (Feb 2021)

Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the greatest challenges facing us in the UK and can have a very damaging effect on workplace productivity, safety, health and morale.

Encouraging your staff to take some time out from drinking alcohol can make a huge difference in terms of:

  • Reduced anxiety, better mood, clearer thinking
  • Sleeping better, more energy, more positive mindset
  • Saving money, losing weight, more willpower
  • stronger immune system, improved concentration

The Sober Wellbeing Calendar and Support pack enables your company to offer a complete plan of action for anyone wanting to change their relationship with alcohol, providing your staff with the help they might need to become more mindful about their drinking.

Our Calendar and Support Pack can help support HR and Wellbeing teams to develop a successful and inspiring approach to alcohol dependency in the workforce. The core principles of our Calendar are based on self-care, self-development, and self-understanding.

No workplace can successfully tackle workplace wellbeing without tackling alcohol, and there are massive benefits to be had by any workplace that addresses the increasing issues connected with excessive drinking. A workplace that is free from serious alcohol-harm will see:

  • A reduction in the risk of safeguarding incidents such as sexual harassment
  • Significant enhancements in productivity
  • Real, measurable improvements in wellbeing – physical, mental and financial
  • Genuine inclusion of the non-drinking workforce

The Sober Wellbeing Calendar and Resource Pack will become a valuable and important addition to any company's Wellness/Wellbeing at Work strategy.

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