Ladies – How To Know When You’re Drinking Too Much?

Ladies – How To Know When You’re Drinking Too Much?


Many of us hide it, many of us pretend but many of us know, deep down, that we’re drinking a little too much and too often.

Most of us know the numbers – official NHS alcohol guidelines say we should stick to a maximum of 14 units of alcohol per week. That means seven glasses of average strength wine or fourteen 25ml standard gin and tonics should last us the whole week. Guidance also recommends this consumption to be moderate and spread out over several days with some days each week being dry.

Compare these NHS guidelines with the latest stats from Drinkaware suggest that 1 in 10 women are drinking more than recommended and, perhaps more worryingly, NHS stats suggest that 1 in 20 UK women show signs of alcohol dependence. That’s 3.3% alcoholism.

Do I Have A Drink Problem?

So, how do you know if you have a problem?

Let’s not forget – alcohol is a drug (and a powerful one at that). As with any drug it can become addictive in the physical sense of the term. It can also form a psychological addiction with your mind convincing you need that drink.

12 Tell-Tale Signs Of An Impending Drink Problem:

  • Planning your social life around alcohol and counting down the minutes until you can have a drink.
  • Knowing deep down but not admitting just how much your intake is.
  • A compulsive need to drink each day – even just in the evening.
  • Have the alcohol ready and waiting for when you get home.
  • A feeling of anxiety when you know you won’t be able to have a drink.
  • Having a list of excuses as to why you can’t be the designated driver.
  • When one drink leads into another and you find it hard to stop when you start.
  • Worrying where your next drink is coming from.
  • Wanting or taking a drink in the morning.
  • A feeling of realisation when you put out the recycling bin!
  • Finding it hard to sleep without a drink and waking up dehydrated each morning.
  • Alcohol related depression.

What To Do If You’re Worried About A Drink Problem

First of all, try giving up for a while. Put our Sober Support Wellness Calendar to the test and make a decision to not drink for a period of time. Judge just how difficult this proves to be. If you find it tough to not have a drink for just a couple of days each week may be a very clear sign of the making of a problem.

Be honest with yourself too – this is really important. The only person you’ll be kidding is yourself so face up to the facts and if, deep down, you know you are a little more dependant than you should be then act right away. Don’t let it escalate and lead to all the issues and health problems we’re all aware of – it’s just not worth it.

Here at My Sober Support we’re not medical professionals but we’re passionate about helping and encouraging people to stay in control of their drinking habits. We are most well known as the home of the unique Sober Support Wellness Calendar which is now available with a complete suite of supporting audio downloads and other resources to help, guide and encourage as much as we can.