Alcohol - Staying In Control Over The Festive Season

Alcohol - Staying In Control Over The Festive Season


Most of us enjoy a tipple over the Christmas and New Year period - for most it's all part of the fun and festivities. But for those who are already concerned about just how much they're drinking the temptation and access to alcohol can be a real problem.

Latest stats suggest that over 60% of people who drink alcohol in the UK admit to the over-indulgence of alcohol and around 20% admit to suffering more hangovers during the festive period. 

Nobody likes a killjoy and my intention is not to try to lessen the festive mood. But with Christmas day over, a cupboard full of booze, social invites right left and centre and time away from our normal routines the temptation to drink, and drink, and drink is huge!

In fact, according to DrinkAware some "29% of drinkers say they feel more pressure to drink on New Year’s Eve and 20% of drinkers say they feel more pressure to drink on Christmas Day". This is a trend that we feel continues throughout the whole festive period - from the build up to Christmas to New Years day. 

This, in turn, can form to basis of a bad routine which can continue well into the new year and is why the popularity of "Dry January" is so high with many people using the excuse to break the bad habits that are forming and to take back control.

Here's our simple list of 5 tips to help you stay in control of your alcoholic intake over the festive period.

  1. Keep glasses small and measures standard – choose a standard size glass rather than one of the trendy mega "buckets" and avoid the temptation to go large or double.
  2. Go heavy on the mixer – as the advert says, two thirds of the drink should be mixer ... why not make it three quaters and add lots of ice to make each drink last longer.
  3. Set your limits, avoid getting into large rounds, go at your pace and don’t succumb to pressure to drink more than you want. In other words YOU keep control of what drink you buy, the quantity and you don't need to keep pace with the rest of the gang.
  4. Halve your intake by alternating each alcoholic drink with a soft drink. A simple idea which makes a huge difference. Coke, water, lemonade or even tonic without the gin if you don't wante people to know what you're doing, it really doesn't matter.
  5. Take time out with activities which don’t involve drinking – take a long winter’s walk to a coffee shop, play games with the kids or have a night in with a favourite film and some of that fancy hot chocolate you’ve been gifted for example.

Just remember that you don’t need alcohol to enjoy yourself so take some days off and build in plenty of time-out and activities which don't involve drinking. Or, if you're going to that party then offer yourself up as the designated driver and give yourself the perfect reason and excuse not to drink.

Remember - you're not along in wanting to control alcohol intake - you may be surprised to know that around 13% of people in the UK admit they avoid social occasions this festive season because of the pressure to drink alcohol (stats from DrinkAware).

Enjoy the holiday period but stay in control and stay safe.

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