10 Ways To Manage Or Stop Drinking Alcohol

10 Ways To Manage Or Stop Drinking Alcohol


10 Ways To Manage Or Stop Drinking Alcohol

By My Sober Support

Have you noticed your drinking start to creep earlier into the day, has just one glass become a bottle, are you unhappy with your drinking and want to change it up a bit?

Below is a list of things you can try, to help you take a step back from your drinking and rebalance your relationship with booze. Drinking alcohol is addictive and that is FACT – so if you want to improve you drinking habit try some or all of the suggestions below and see how you get on, even small changes to begin with can have a long-term positive impact.



Try taking a complete break from drinking for just 30 days – don’t ask any more of yourself than 30 days, but by taking a complete break you get a chance to feel the massive positive changes in your body and mind, that happen when you don’t have alcohol in your system.


Think about the time you currently spend dealing with a hangover and the effects of overindulging in a tipple, how much of your weekend is spent dealing with a headache or dehydration or hangover anxiety? Now visualise a whole weekend where you are full of energy, no anxiety, no headache or tiredness and allow yourself to recognise that not drinking will give you all these benefits.


Replace your favourite alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic version, or soft drink alternative, there are so many tasty interesting non-alcoholic beverages on the market now, test some out, you might be surprised at how much fun you have drinking a non-alcoholic drink as a substitute.


Pinpoint the times that scare you the most about not drinking, is it a work’s outing, a family gathering, friends birthday party? Are you having to drink in these situations so that you fit in, or to get you in the party mood? Address each situation one by one and see if the fear is real or is it just a thought controlling you? Once you realise your fears are actually just thoughts, you can overcome them and not let them control you.


Making a change to your routine or habit can feel hard, however if you look at it in a different way and see change as exciting and an opportunity for you to experience something new and different then making changes will feel very positive and easier to achieve.


No-one chooses to become dependent on alcohol, it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, feeling controlled by drinking isn’t something to feel embarrassed about, it is just your body being manipulated by the chemical reactions to the booze you put into your system, do not blame yourself if you find you are struggling with drinking too much. Empower yourself with the knowledge that if you stop blaming yourself , instead feel proud of yourself for recognising you want to make changes.


You are reading this article so that says to me you want to move forward in a positive way and you want help in doing that, well you’re here in the right place, and take a moment to recognise that is takes a lot of strength to seek help, but in that moment you are also demonstrating great power and drive because you are facing into what you are unhappy about and equipping yourself with the tools to succeed in what you put your mind to.


Don’t think beyond the day that you are in. If you are not drinking today, just deal with today and take each part of the day one little bit at a time and overcome each hurdle as it presents itself. As you near the time you would normally be pouring yourself a drink, start to plan what you will do instead, so 5pm comes round and create yourself a new ritual, pour yourself a refreshing fizzy tonic with a squeeze of lime juice and drop in a few fresh raspberries, accompany that with some freshly cut carrot sticks to nibble on, and by the time you have done that you’ve overcome another hurdle – then what will follow is utter euphoria that you have just smashed that hurdle.


If you have someone in your life that you trust and can share this part of yourself with then do so. Having a trusted friend, partner or family member to talk to can be such a boost to you, chat through your worries of not drinking, and share your accomplishments when you’ve achieved another day without needing a drink.


It may seem a little strange to force yourself to sit down and write, but when you do, something quite strange and powerful happens, you find yourself writing about thoughts and feelings and fears that you didn’t even realise you were experiencing and by doing this that then helps you to overcome the emotions you are going through. Just take a bit of time out each day to sit down and write about your day and focus on what you have achieved, even if its only something small, recognising each little bit of positivity in your day will result in more and more ongoing feelings of self-worth and positivity.


For more information, help and online drinking support please take a look at our Sober Wellbeing Calendar www.mysobersupport.com