Young Drinkers Seem To Like No And Low Alcohol Beer More - Nolo

Young Drinkers Seem To Like No And Low Alcohol Beer More - Nolo


According to a recent report drinkers between 18 -24 years old drink less alcohol or are starting to switch to no or low alcohol substitutes, being nicknamed Nolo.

One in three young adults have cut down on their alcohol consumption while a record 23% are now teetotal.

The annual British Craft Beer report explains the fastest growing parts of the beer market is to have a good night out without giving yourself a hangover in the morning. In the UK consumers drink about 8 billion pints every year. The report tells us there has been a 30% jump in sales of no or low-alcohol beers since 2016. Consumers are now wanting to see a large range of non alcohol drinks available in pubs and bars.

The sales of non-alcohol beers are predicted to reach £63 million in 2020, doubling its sales in the last 4 years.

The growing trend is for more and more people to enjoy a drink at home, but this new trend is to have drink without a cloudy head the morning afterwards.

Heineken and many other manufacturers have recently launched dozens of no and low alcohol beers, and more time will surely tell us if these are a good alternative. Diageo has also made an impression with Seedlip a non-alcoholic spirit.


Lets hope this trend increases and starts a new generation of non drinkers.


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