Why Should I Stop Drinking Beer, Wine and Spirits

Why Should I Stop Drinking Beer, Wine and Spirits


Alcohol consumption in parties might sound like fun, but regular heavy drinking can lead to serious health issues. Alcohol abuse is a serious concern all over the world, and is linked to an alarming rate of road accidents too!

At times even a single-binge drinking episode can cause bodily impairment and damage… sometimes even death.

According to medical research, a deadly disease directly linked to chronic alcohol consumption is cirrhosis of the liver that most people are aware of. But apart from this, there are equally dangerous and deadly consequences of alcohol abuse that people also need to be aware of.

Alcohol addiction is also responsible for diseases such as -

1. Liver disease
You must have heard people and even your doctor saying that if you continue drinking in this rate and proportion, your liver would be damaged! Because alcohols mainly metabolized in the liver.
Chronic heavy drinking over a prolonged duration poses a risk for the development of alcoholic liver disease.

2. Cancer
Acetaldehyde produced in the liver from the breaking down of alcohol can cause cancer. That is to say, over time it can not only cause liver cancer, but also cancer in other organs and parts of the body, like breast cancer, cancers of the mouth, and even stomach cancer.
In addition to drinking, smokers have higher chances of getting infected with respiratory tract cancer and upper gastrointestinal tract cancer.

3. Brain damage
Heavy drinkers should be aware of symptoms like memory lapses, blurred vision, slow reaction time and even difficulty walking. Well, these all are signals specifying that the brain is getting impacted negatively due to the overconsumption of alcohol.
For starters, alcohol messes up with a person’s cognitive functioning and mood, emotions, and reactions by altering the neurotransmitters.

Alcohol is also held responsible for disrupting the motor movement leading to injuries from sudden falls. Long term heavy drinkers have the probability to get victimized with early and premature dementia caused by the speeding of the brain’s normal aging process. Because human brains are supposed to develop fully until the age of 24, young adults are most vulnerable to brain damage caused by the heavy intake of alcohol.

In fact, recent studies found out that 70 percent of people suffering from pancreatitis are heavy alcohol drinkers.

4. Dysfunctional immune system
Taking alcohol in large quantities over a prolonged duration eventually weakens the immune system making the body vulnerable to numerous infectious diseases, including tuberculosis and pneumonia. Alcohol also has the potency to cause impactful changes in the count of platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells.

5. Cardiovascular diseases
Not only heavy drinking but even binge drinking can prove to be dangerous as it is responsible for causing heart diseases. This is because the level of triglycerides or fats rises leading to high blood pressure and eventually a stroke.
Also, heavy drinking has a medium probability of causing weakening of the heart muscle, known as cardiomyopathy, and heart-rhythm abnormalities.

6. Anemia
Heavy drinkers need to be aware because excessive drinking has also been found to affect the hematologic system, which consists of liver, bone marrow, blood, and spleen.

7. Accidents
Also, this is not any disease like the others featured in this list; this, in fact, has proved to quite a common health hazard of alcoholism. Even drinking alcohol is not only related only to car crashes but also suicides, domestic violence, drowning and even homicide.

8. Depression
Alcohol and depression are inter-related and numerous studies show that people who drink heavily suffer from depression and people who are depressed seek the solace of alcohol!

So as you can see, regular and heavy drinking can negatively impact your body in so many ways! But there is always hope for anyone who want to stop and turn their life around and lead a healthy life.