The Sober Wellbeing Calendar Has Now Got A New Digital Booklet Version

The Sober Wellbeing Calendar Has Now Got A New Digital Booklet Version


Due to the changes happening in the world we wanted our support to still be available to people who need it - so we have now made our Sober Wellbeing Calendar available as an easy, instant downloadable page per day - 30 day digital booklet.

There couldn’t be a better time to quit drinking for a while.

No social gatherings so minimum temptation

The time you now have at home you can use to focus on you.

Save masses of money at a time when you need the most.

Gain clarity and control on emotions and Reduce anxiety, and improve your overall mental health at a time when you need it the most.

Strengthen your immune system, and reduce the strain on your body

Now is your chance to make a dramatic positive change to your life and health for the new world ahead.

Use our simple, strategic 30 day action plan to show you how to successfully quit drinking step by step, day by day.

Within seconds you will have at your fingertips a powerful, complete 30 day action plan to help you stop drinking. All the information below about the calendar is exactly what you will get, but just in a book format easily downloadable rather than a physical calendar. We have also adapted all the support so that it can be used by anyone having to stay at home when using it.

The downloadable booklet also includes our free cognitive mindfulness colouring exercise, a link to our free 5 min mindful meditation audio download and also contains our free calming and relaxing breathing exercise.

Buy The Digital Sober Wellbeing Calendar Booklet Here 


We say "Lets twist the negative of maybe having to stay socially distant from each other, into an amazing positive opportunity to change. With temptations greatly removed now could be the perfect time to get your drinking under control."

Plus you are boosting your immune system with everyday you don't drink. Strengthen Your Mind, Protect Your Body And Save Money ...


Help to stop drinking is all here in one place. Make that change today.