The biggest myth about giving up alcohol – “I won’t have fun anymore”

The biggest myth about giving up alcohol – “I won’t have fun anymore”


The biggest myth about giving up alcohol – “I won’t have fun anymore”

The more and more you drink the more you get into the habit of drinking every time you go out. So that leads you to believe that the only way to have fun is if you are drinking. Before you realise it, you become completely reliant on alcohol, and this reliance tricks you into thinking that without alcohol you cannot have any fun.

Yes we have all had times where we have gone out had drinks and had a great time- but what you need to ask yourself is - was it just the booze that made you have fun, or in actual fact was it that you were out somewhere really cool, with great friends, lots of good conversations, great food, masses of laughs that made you have fun – or was it all just down to the liquid in your glass. If you truly thought about an evening where you had amazing fun – it was probably down to a number of factors that all amounted to a really special time -but your brain has got conditioned to always giving booze the credit for your experience.

Busting the myth big style is when you consider all the many occasions where you’ve had nights out and they were terrible because you drank alcohol, where you’ve ended up at the end of the evening feeling utterly miserable and making a complete foul of yourself, waking in the morning feeling sick, and wondering was it really worth… that doesn’t sound like fun to me. If alcohol really was that amazing fluid that gave you happiness and excitement and positive experiences every time you took it surely it shouldn’t then ever have a negative impact on you?

All throughout our lives as we grow up we are consistently brainwashed through adverts, popular culture, films and TV programmes all completely glamorising the lifestyle of drinking to excess, plus it seems in the UK there is literally a pub on every corner – alcohol kills more people than drugs and smoking and yet you wouldn’t find society accepting smoking huts on high streets or drug cafes in every shopping mall, it’s mad – alcohol is a poison punted in nearly every food shop across the world and it’s all deemed totally acceptable.

I believe that by drinking alcohol excessively, it places you in a certain mindset and that mindset can be very negative. That negatively then create the myth – “I can’t have fun without alcohol” rather than your mind rationally thinking it through and realising that fun isn’t just generated by the consumption of booze.

When you successfully remove alcohol from your life you soon start to realise that the experiences you have and the times that you spend with people socialising are completely unaffected by whether or not you have an alcoholic drink in your hand - the experience you have and the fun that you have is actually about many other things such as who you are with, what you are doing, where you are, not about the liquid in your glass.

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