Sober Revolution – Why Standing Out from the crowd should make you proud.

Sober Revolution – Why Standing Out from the crowd should make you proud.


When quitting drinking many people feel worried that this makes them different, and not like everyone else.  But what if this being different is great or more than great – its amazing. Not following the crowd and glugging beer after beer or wine after wine is something to be proud of – it is also a very powerful and positive element of who you have become, and this being different, not conforming to what is around you is what will make you the happiest you have every been, even though it may seem very daunting when you first start out.


I can remember the thoughts that went through my head when navigating the world in a new light and completing each new day without alcohol was a challenge – not because I was fighting major cravings or anything like that, no it was because our country, society , environment is literally just stuffed full of alcohol everywhere.

It is in your face from popping into the local shop in the morning to get milk, rows and rows of the poison, to chilling out to TV at night every programme showcasing alcohol in its many different roles, from calming someone who’s stressed, to making the party happen – is it any wonder when our brain is assaulted by this onslaught of propaganda every day that it is a challenge to remove the desire for alcohol from our mind! No it isn’t – but the faster we accept that this is the situation around us, the quicker we can move on to focusing on ourselves and what we want for our lives and health, and how walking away from alcohol, and standing away from the crowd, and therefore being perceived as “different” is actually a wonderful thing.

Vex King the author of “Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness” talks about how we should respect our uniqueness.

He says “Your individuality is a blessing, not a burden. If you try to be like everyone else, your life will be no greater than theirs. By following the crowd, you’ll become a part of it and fail to stand out. By travelling the same road as them, you won’t get the chance to see anything different from what they see.”

We have to be proud of seeing alcohol for what it is, where others don’t, or do not want to, yes this makes us different from them, but it is also just us following our own unique path, a healthier and ultimately happier path, because consuming alcohol will only lead to the slow subtle destruction of  mind and body, and we now longer chose to be in that crowd.

Your choice to abandon the world that centres around alcohol is a choice that allows you to take control, you are no longer being dictated to by others and what is the norm, instead you are allowing yourself to truly follow your own wants and needs, you are free from the fear of being different, and living your life on your own terms not others.

Vex Kings says “Don’t let your individuality get taken away from you, just so you can fit in with the rest of society. Embrace your uniqueness “


Uniquely sober – now I like the sound of that….