Our Story - Become a non drinker and give up alcohol for good  - my sober support calendar helped us

Our Story - Become a non drinker and give up alcohol for good - my sober support calendar helped us


Alcohol, as with millions of other people it seems, slowly crept up on me, little by little, year by year, until it did get its claws quite stuck in! It is only now since I gave up the booze can I see quite how much it effected every part of my life, and at the time I just didn’t realise this – what is that saying “you can never see it when your in it “ or something like that.

For quite some time I had recognized that I wasn’t really enjoying the effects of drinking any more, but no matter what I tried I just didn’t seem to be able to break the habit, as a creative person I was always very good and creative at coming up with a reason as to why I deserved / needed/ should have a drink!

I would always think to myself “oh I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t have a drink” … it had become a crutch I used for lots of different things from “oh I’m tired I need a drink, oh I’m happy lets have a drink, oh I’m down I need a drink to lift me “ on and on it would go, like a hamster in a wheel , have a drink, feel rubbish, then have another drink to make me feel better, round and round I would go in my little drinking hamster wheel, feeling like there was no step off it.

We both gave up alcohol 

Wow what a journey we started, without even realising it. It was so much harder to stop drinking alcohol than we had thought it would be. We experienced, shared, and overcame many hurdles along the way, and the rewards were better than we could have ever imagined they could be, so much began to change in just 30 days.

When we started our day by day journey to becoming non-drinkers, like many, we counted each new day we achieved. Jo suggested how nice it would be to have some sort of record of each day as it went by, a visual reminder – and then one night she had a dream (seriously this is a true story not made up we promise!!) and in the dream – she saw a gorgeous calendar with little doors to open, each one containing positive encouragements and motivation within, and that is how the My Sober Support Website - and The Sober Wellbeing Calendar idea began.


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