My Sober Support And The Sober Wellbeing Calendar

My Sober Support And The Sober Wellbeing Calendar


You may be thinking about taking that first step to becoming a non drinker, cutting down or having a break for a month, in which case it's brilliant you are here.

Our calendar is a “one of a kind” supportive and motivational tool and resource, to help you with a month of being alcohol free. 

Our freedom from alcohol calendar resource will be a fabulous addition to your toolbox to help you to achieve your goal of breaking your drinking habit. It doesn’t have to be started at the beginning of a month, it can begin any day that suits you.


What does the calendar give you?

60 top tips on sober health and wellbeing, to improve self-esteem and self-compassion, and to help change your perspective on alcohol.

30 positive, motivational plans of action to follow each day all based on real personal experiences of becoming sober, that genuinely worked, and helped to change habits long term.

10 leading expert resources on sober support, health and wellbeing, valuable resources to support you and inspire you further, with each day of your journey.

Free additional resources provided on the website that work in conjunction with the calendar, providing further techniques and methods to improve wellbeing and health.

Full action plan and go-to support and resources to open, see and use every day for a whole month
Powerful life focusing mindful colouring exercise giving you the chance to explore your inner goals.

Plus …. There is also further support provided via our unique sober support downloads and workshops, all created to further strengthen your tool kit of support, whenever you need it.


Please see our My Sober Support main page here

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If you have started your journey to sobriety but find yourself relapsing, you probably just need a little more support, help, inspiration, or motivation – and it’s all here in one place, in a beautiful, simple and easy to use tangible format.