How To Give Up Alcohol UK

How To Give Up Alcohol UK


Start by asking yourself some basic questions to help you start thinking about giving something up.


Think about your current situation and confront your habit, what is your habit ?, what will you gain by giving up? What is it about your habit you dislike? and how does it affect you and your family. Do you want to quit? If not why not?


  1. Don't stick with something just because you have been doing it a long time - just because you've been doing it for years is no reason to continue doing it.


Consider the payoff if you break your habit.

Realize that giving something up in our lives can be a way of shutting one door and opening numerous others.


  1. Take a positive view of the ending being a learning process and you will forge ahead well into your new better life without the thing that holds you back.
  2. The next stage of your life will be different – embrace that idea change can be good.

Need some help to guide and support you in having a break from the booze - The Sober Wellbeing Calendar & Resource Pack can help you control, or stop drinking for 30 days and more.

Don't listen to people who have no other advice than to "why bother."

  1. Be open about your change of lifestyle plans and use positive language about your decision to quit.
  2. People respond positively to a positive change.


Expect doubt to visit now and then. It's only normal. Think of the bigger picture, your end goal, or what you want to achieve or improve.


Giving up does not mean an end alone. It means an end leading to a new beginning.


Always seek advice from your doctor or medical professional before making any changes in your lifestyle that could effect your health or wellbeing.