How can I have fun if I don’t drink?

How can I have fun if I don’t drink?


It’s really easy to assume when your older the only way your going to have fun anymore is if your drinking. As we get older, experience more pressure in our daily lives, have more responsibilities and less time, we can become reliant on booze to help unwind, de stress and get us in a more fun mood.

In fact in our 30,’s and 40’s you probably only ever consider going to a party or out with friends, dinner with other couples, work functions, if your drinking , because to do any of these things without booze just wouldn’t seem much fun.

As adults we can become conditioned to believe that we will only have a good time socially, if we drink, and that we need a drink, or many drinks to party and let our hair down.

This is one of the biggest fear factors for many people not quitting drinking. Many many people, actually hate drinking and what drink does to them, but are terrified that they will no longer have any fun if they stop.

This was one of my biggest fears that I had before I quit - luckily for me my desire to be sober was greater than that fear - and now that I am teetotal I can happily state for the record - you definitely can have fun without drinking, and more to the point I actually have way more fun in every single social situation sober, than I did when I was drinking - and here is why.


1.I can remember it! How many times when you’ve been out drinking, do you not only suffer with a massive hangover the next day, but you can’t remember the end of the evening, what you said, what you did, and how you got to bed. None of that end of night experience is any actually any fun if you really think about it, in fact it’s anxiety making, worrying, and down right sad. When your sober, you have meaningful conversations, you are fully present, and in control, and taking care of yourself. You experience every part of being social as your true self, not an alcohol induced version of yourself that blacks out at the end of the night.

2.You have more fun because you feel all the feelings. When your out socially and sober, the fun is real, not just created by the chemicals you’ve poured down your throat. When you laugh you can feel every second of that laugh ripple through your body because you are there, with it , in that moment, absorbing the full 3D feeling of being there, it’s not dubbed down, blurred, or blotted out by booze, and this makes you feel alive, not just drinking and existing .

3.You don’t have to do things you don’t want to . You have more fun because you only do the things you want to do when socialising sober, because you’ve taken control, and put yourself before what other people think, and empowered yourself. You no longer follow the crowd and feel pressured into having to do this that or the other to please people, so when you do things socially it’s only because you want to, and that’s powerful, liberating and exciting. In fact once you’ve got used to being sober (it can take a couple of months to adjust to new situations without drinking) the buzz you get from being out socially and experiencing it without having to mess yourself up with booze, is totally refreshing and a much happier, healthier and more rewarding way to live.