10 reasons why being sober is much better than drinking alcohol ...

10 reasons why being sober is much better than drinking alcohol ...


  1. Your present every day, not just trying to merely survive until your next drink or recover from another session of excess. You experience each day fresh and with masses more positivity, suddenly lots of things start to feel possible as your mind clears from effects of alcohol.


  1. Negative chatter in your head reduces dramatically when you quit drinking, along with anxiety too - the weight of the world is no longer on your shoulders every day. Hope becomes a focus of your mind, and excitement is a feeling you begin to experience more and more.


  1. You have energy, it takes time to come back, but little by little the more time you spend sober the better you feel, mornings are no longer a time you dread.


  1. Your self-esteem comes back, because you’ve stopped the self-sabotage and are living life how you really want to, you feel powerful because you have found the inner strength to take control of your habit and rid yourself of your unwanted behaviour and that’s something to celebrate.


  1. You are no longer are ashamed of things you did and said when you drank too much, no more time is wasted on destructive thoughts and self-disappointment.


  1. You have more time and the inclination to now do new things, the world starts to open to you and grasp at this new chance to expand your life in better ways.


  1. You begin to care about yourself and look after yourself, maybe even start to be just a little bit selfish and that’s not a bad thing.


  1. Your life become 3D not 2d, 2d was just you and booze - your mind is no longer full of the constant thinking about drinking, it’s on to much bigger and better things


  1. You have a better sex life because you can actually remember it. You become so much more in tune with your body and sensations because you are not numbed by alcohol all the time, you feel more comfortable in your own skin because you are rid of the poison corrupting your body and emotions.


  1. Most importantly you get back to the person you truly are, calm, kind, happy, enthusiastic, you become even more grateful because you are now experiencing everything with a new sense of appreciation for each new day and experience.


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