The Amazing Feeling of Sobriety and How to Achieve it

The Amazing Feeling of Sobriety and How to Achieve it


The Amazing Feeling of Sobriety and How to Achieve it

by mysobersupport

If you've made a pact with yourself to give up the booze - congratulations! You've taken the first, difficult step towards your new life of sobriety and the amazing feeling it brings. Whether your drinking was a serious problem or you simply decided to ditch unhealthy habits, going sober is your chance to reclaim your sense of self.

Of course, your first few weeks of sobriety will be challenging, and your journey won't be all plain sailing after that either. But over time, sobriety will become natural. Saying "no" to a drink when offered, or telling people "I don't drink", will become like a personal affirmation. You'll realise that you can have fun without drinking and that waking up without a hangover is the best feeling in the world!

How Sobriety Will Change Your Life for the Better
• You'll learn that you don't have to drink to be interesting, confident or "fun"
• You'll enjoy better quality sleep and wake up feeling fresh, not groggy and sick
• You'll save money by not buying alcohol (money you can put towards other treats)
• Your relationships with loved ones may improve as you'll be sober around them
• You'll learn to love yourself and find joy in things once more - a new life can begin!

On top of all that, you'll have more energy to plough into learning, growing and exploring new ventures! You'll be able to fill your time with productive and rewarding activities, like reading that book, expressing your creativity and focusing on self-care.

It's so important to remember that if you try sobriety and it doesn't work out for you - you can try again. You are not a failure if you struggle with staying sober; you're a warrior fighting to create a new, amazing life of sobriety.


Giving up alcohol really can be so much easier than you think – but this is only if you have the right plan, resources, guidance and support.

My Sober Support Calendar is a visual resource tool for anyone starting out with going sober, trialling becoming a non-drinker for a month’s challenge, or needing further support with their ongoing journey to sobriety.
Imagine an advent calendar but hidden behind each door is an abundance of guidance, support and motivation, instead of chocolates!