Surviving the festive season as a non drinker

Surviving the festive season as a non drinker


So it’s that time of year again where it literally seems as though alcohol is everywhere - supermarkets and your local shops are bulging at the seams with it, every Christmas advert or film shows people cozying up with a hot toddy or glass of baileys, there’s tonnes of social engagements that you know are all going to include masses and masses or drinking ... but none of this has to be a problem if you follow my 5 top tips on surviving Christmas sober and smashing it.


1. Surround yourself with other non drinkers, you don’t have to go to events or social gatherings all focused round drinking - instead head to a sober event near you (google it) and take your mates with you. There’s also no shame in leaving early if your somewhere where everyone is getting drunk - you don’t have to inflict yourself with the hassle of putting up with that rubbish any more - do the minimum time you need to, then head home for hot chocolate and a fresh morning ahead with no hangover .. happy days

2. Ensure you up your self care routine, making sure you take time each day to look after yourself and your mind, including time for relaxation whether that’s a long bath with a good book and some candles or some mindful colouring in, a crafting project, or even a nice Christmas jigsaw. So many people reach for the bottle because “they are stressed” thinking alcohol will take it all away and fix the problem, this just isn’t the case, it just blurs out reality, merely putting a pause button on it for a short period of time only for it to come and smack you in the face twice as hard once you’ve sobered up. By mastering relaxation techniques you are dealing directly with that stressful feeling head on.

3. Practice mindfulness, by using mindfulness as part of your daily routine it can massively improve many parts of your life from reducing stress, improving mood, and increasing happiness. Come along to one of our Freedom From Alcohol - Mindful workshops where you will learn many simple mindful exercises including some that will allow you to think about alcohol in a very different way, and also teach you to diffuse and dismiss alcohol with kindness.

4. Get moving, I don’t mean punish yourself with an intense workout, but do something fun and physical even if it’s only for 30 mins, you will boost not only your physical strength but your mental strength too.

5. Be proud of who you are and the life choice you’ve made. Being sober at this time of year certainly can be challenging, especially if you have just begun your sober journey. It is very important that you take regular time out to remind yourself of why you are different, and not just another person following the booze brainwashing, mindlessly chugging down pint after pint or insipid wine after insipid wine. You have decided to take the high road and step away from endless nights of one too many, 3am hangxiety, morning after shame, because you have chosen a better, brighter life that you are now creating for yourself, that does not need the addition of booze to make it worth living. You need to let yourself realise that you are in fact the extremely lucky one - not the people guzzling down calorie ladden liquor... because you have freed yourself from alcohols tight grasp forever, and each day will just keep getting easier if you always remember this.

You are the winner!