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These days it's SO easy for alcohol consumption to creep up until it becomes an all too regular habit and you find yourself depending on it just a little too much.

A glass of something to unwind after a hard day at work or a quick one with friends on the way home, a glass of wine or two over dinner, a glass or two to relax in the evening - and that's not to mention those nights out where it's unthinkable not to have a few!

Deep down you'll know when it start to become a bit of a problem, when it feels like it's a bit too regular or when it becomes a part of daily routine to drink that little bit too much and too often.

When you get to that stage we'd like to help - and that's probably why you're here. No preaching, no judging just a little support to help you get back in control.

My Sober Support - Rebalance Your Relationship With Booze

Waking up hangover free, feeling positive and well, NEVER gets boring.

My Sober Support is the home to the UNIQUE Sober Wellbeing Calendar and Mega Audio Resource Pack.  Take time out from drinking with guidance and support and become healthier and happier in 30 days.

Our Calendar gives you a focused plan of action whilst the resource pack and audio downloads provide the tools and motivation for every single day.

Start the Calendar whenever you want and hidden behind each door of our "advent" style 31 doors are instructions on what to do and how to look after yourself for the first month of not drinking.

The additional resources and 6 accompanying audio downloads provide all the support you need along your journey.

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What does The Sober Wellbeing Calendar and Support Resource Pack give you?

You get over 100 different elements of motivation, advice, guidance and expert health and wellbeing resources, all in one place.

60 top tips on sober health and well-being throughout the Calendar, to help improve your self-esteem and self-compassion, inspire and uplift you, and help change your perspective on drinking.

30 positive, motivational plans of action to follow. One for each day, based on real personal experiences of not drinking, that genuinely work, and help change unwanted habits long term.

A powerful breathing exercise is also included, giving you an easy method to reduce anxiety whenever you need it.

Plus you also receive with the guided sober support calendar...

A powerful cognitive mindful exercise and colouring sheet enabling you to visualise and strengthen your inner goals and desires.

10 specialist resources on sober support, health and wellbeing. Valuable resources to support you and inspire you further on your alcohol-free journey.

A "10 Top Strategies For Banishing Booze Cravings" resource sheet and a link to our free 5 minute Calming Mindful Meditation Audio Download.

Plus links to our additional online resources that work in conjunction with the Calendar, providing you with extra techniques and methods to improve health, strength and well-being.

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Audio Downloads

If that's not enough also included is a complete suite of audio downloads from our highly qualified, in-house practicioner to support you every step of the way:

  • Alcohol Aversion Hypnotherapy - Help to quit alcohol completely. 20 Minute Audio Download.
  • Mind Wide Open - The Learning State Meditation: 6 Minute Audio Download
  • Break the Drinking Habit Motivational Meditation - 20 Minute Audio Download
  • Self Healing Guided Breathing Meditation - 14 Minute Audio Download
  • Compassionate Acceptance Meditation - 9 Minute Audio Download
  • Stop: Our 1 Minute Breathing Space Meditation - 5 Minute Audio Download
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Why The Sober Wellbeing Calendar and Support Resource Pack works

  • Its keeps you accountable every time you see it, and that’s why it works.
  • It encourages you each day to prioritise positive changes, at the right time and in the right order, keeping you on track.
  • It incorporates behavioural science to help create positive change on a deeper level.
  • It supports you to take charge of your health, stop drinking and start practicing some sober self care.
  • It practices positive actions through self-kindness.
  • Start using the calendar any day that suits you.
  • Professional audio guidance to help break the habit.

Our unique approach to taking time out from drinking is based on improving self-esteem and encouraging self-care and self-compassion - the key to long lasting change.  

Success Stories

Sober Wellbeing - The Benefits

There are vast benefits to be gained from taking a break from booze for 30 days including:

Happier mood, less anxiety, more energy, clearer thinking, more positive mindset, stronger immune system, better quality sleep, improved concentration, sharper memory, improved blood sugar levels, improved cholesterol levels, improved liver regeneration, increased hydration, more willpower, plus so much more.

Need help giving up alcohol - or advice to stop drinking for a month or more. 

You can start using the Calendar and Support Resource Pack at any time, whenever it suits you, it doesn't have to be at the beginning of a month.


The calendar is just what I needed, I was in a rut of drinking too much. It’s a boost first thing in the morning and helps you refocus exactly what you’re doing and why, it’s like having your best friend by your side giving you that motivational support each day. Thanks

Helen Wilson, Suffolk

Need something more, then try our one2one Sober Coaching.

  • Become the best version of yourself, without the need for alcohol.
  • Change the way you see and think about alcohol.
  • Take control of drinking in a calm and mindful way.
  • Deal with controlling thoughts and emotions about alcohol.
  • Activate your natural abilities to relax.
  • Understand your alcohol cravings and diffuse the control.
  • Focus on your inner desires and goals
  • Improve your mental health

Mike our in-house Wellness Practitioner will teach you a series of highly effective techniques and strategies that will unlock the subconscious mind, help you understand your triggers, and help you realign your relationship with alcohol and break your habit.

We offer a starter package of 2 x 1 Hour sessions for £135 or a single trial session for £75. Click the link below for more info and to book today.

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